Digital Photo Restoration

Digital photo restoration can turn old, faded, ear marked paper photos into refurbished beautiful photographs that can be printed or shared by email or other social media.

For those who grew up before the digital age, there was a time when photographs were printed primarily on paper in both color and black & white. Over time, these photographs can fade, get torn or damaged by water or heat.

The digital restoration process is to digitally scan the image or pieces of the image, and through digital manipulation (I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop with final adjustments using Adobe Lightroom) a better quality photograph is created. Restoration can be made done to photographs, both color and black & white, documents, maps, and color prints. Earlier photographic copies can be made to tintype prints, daguerreotypes or Polaroids, to name a few.

When print restoration is completed, I will email a Dropbox link to download to your computer. When quantities of large format images are created, I will burn a DVD of all images. I can also upload images to my “Private Client Gallery” so you can share with family and friends and they can purchase prints directly.

Pricing starts at $35 for the first print, and reduces depending on the number of photographs to be restored. This price may be adjusted depending the extent of the damage to the photographs.

1 – 5: $35 per print
5 – 10: $30 per print
10 prints and up: $25 per print

Feel free to sent a description of the number of photos and the condition and we can talk further.  Just click on the Contact Button in the menu.