Private Teaching

I have been photographing for over 45 years.  I have used large format 4×5 film cameras, medium sized 220mm and smaller 35mm film cameras.

Early in my career, there were no automatic settings.  A photographer needed to understand the relationship of light, shutter speed and lens opening to get the shot.

Today, even with DSLR cameras, it’s easy to put the setting on automatic and shoot.  There is nothing wrong with this, I do it many times.

But there may be a time when the light just doesn’t work, or you want a soft background to a subject.  The only way to achieve this is to shoot on manual.  I remember once wanting to shoot a subject at sunset on the beach.  The sky behind her was beautiful, but to shoot on automatic would have either washed out the sunset or made her face too dark to recognize.

There were an number of things I needed to do to get the shot.  First I needed to expose on manual for the beautiful colors of the sunset.  Next I needed to use the built in flash to get light on the subject.  But I had to know to set the shutter speed at 200 to sync with the flash.  Knowing this, I needed to adjust the light ISO setting and the f-Stop to compensate.  With quick thinking, I was able to get a great shot.

My teaching method is slow and direct.  To help the student understand the camera, camera settings and how to use these tools to get better shots.  We can focus on outdoor photography or how to get great indoor flash shots.

My private tutoring is $35 per hour, minimum 2 hours.  After the first two hour session, we can discuss more time together.  Tutoring is done in my studio and outside around the studio.